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WelcomeMary and Ted Molloy, circa 1918

Welcome to my home in the clouds, or, as we said when I was a child, the World Wide Web!  Whether you're an old friend or visiting for the very first time, I hope this site lives up to your expectations.  If not, please drop me a line, by contacting me through any of the social networking links on the left-hand side of this page, or the email address you already have for me.  

I only "friend" people I actually know, and on Facebook the public can't see much more than my photo, but I will respond to relevant emails and messages from strangers, and if it seems like you're interesting or really powerful, I'll probably confirm you as a contact on LinkedIn even if we haven't met in, as we said when I was a teenager, "real life."

About Me

Max Parker in Spain, 1936I'm a management analyst for a mid-sized city in the midwest - in other words, I manage some money, do some HR stuff, try to save taxpayer resources, and generally help people who are a lot more important than I am.  Nothing I say anywhere on the internet represens my employer.  I am the Vice President of Public Relations for my local Toasstmasters club, because I actually enjoy public performances and I really enjoy doing public relations stuff.  

I love taking photos and going on adventures, sometimes I go on really long walks (I don't believe in running,) and until I got this responsible position in the community, I even designed T-shirts, some of which were bought by, literally, dozens of people.  I am an eight-time participant and winner, so far, in National Novel Writing Month, I (twice) lined up on the streets of Hollywood to see Star Wars (and raise money to help sick kids, mind you,) and I can tell you how to get to the bathroom in Russian.  For the record?  Я не знаю!  Где вы?

I majored in Political Science and International Studies, with brief sojourns in the Computer Science Engineering and History departments.  I once worked for Disneyland, I was homeschooled from 7th grade through graduation, and yes, I once was a lady who lived in a Shoe.  I was young, though, really.

Right now I'm practicing the GMAT so I can get an MBA and learn even more ways to save tax dollars (and maybe help make some future for-profit operations run smoother...)  It's been more than ten years since I did anything with mathematics, so you can imagine how stressful the prospect of taking the GMAT is to me right now.

I'm a Mormon, and I'm proud of it.  I don't speak officially for the Church, but I do support it fully, and I try my best to be a good example of what that means.

I have big plans for myself, the world around me, and this website.  I'm probably going to get the website done first - yes, even though I hardly ever remember to update it.  You never know, though - stay tuned!

About This Site

This site is for me!  Everything is all about me!!  No, seriously, it's for my own use and the benefit of those who Google me or get a business card from me or otherwise feel the need to find out more.  The links on the left-hand side there?  Some are for the benefit of people who really want to be my friend, and some are just there because I like to have an easy way of visiting favorite links when I'm on someone else's computer.  Some are there because I want to give my tiny little bit of Google juice to people who could really use more publicity, primarily because I think that people should know about them more than people do.

I figure I pay for the domain name, I should get use and joy from the site during all those long, glorious years ahead of me where I won't be looking for a job.  If I do start looking for a job, by the way, you'll notice - this whole place will become noticably more resume-esque.  In the meantime?  If I think of something to put up and it seems cool and non-detrimental to my future career/romantic/able-to-walk-in-public-with-my-head-held-high prospects, I will probably put it on this page.  Because, like I said, I'm paying for the domain name anyway; I might as well enjoy myself.

If you're wondering where this fabulously simple template came from, the truth is that I cobbled this site together with a program called KompoZer, which is designed off the same rendering engine that Firefox uses.  And it was free, which is awesome.  Making my own website feels more like I'm actually doing something (I also prefer driving stick-shift and baking cookies from scratch,) so I have sacrificed awesome technological impressiveness for the ability to say with pride: "I made this!"

In the event that someone asks me a question or I think of a lot of stuff to add, this site will become remarkably more content rich.  While you're waiting for that to happen, please rest assured that this is, in fact, all she wrote.

All content written by Sarah Marie Parker-Allen.  All Rights Reserved.